About Me:

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I’m a part-time dreamer, some-time hero and full-time husband and dad.  On a normal day I swim against the tide of hormonal adolescents  . . .and love every minute of it.

I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, but seeing as how I’ve got the natural musical ability of a peacock, I’ll stick to penning a few words that hopefully bring smiles, raise spirits and pepper the darkness with a little light.

If you love this blog, tell all your friends and family.  Loathe it? Tell your enemies.

9 thoughts on “About Me:”

  1. Tim Hoeksema said:

    I love the blog, Blake! The pullup story was awesome and made me LOL. I will keep checking things out. Glad you are doing so well! Blessings in all your work.

  2. Thank you, old friend ;), for finding my blog, which in turn led me to yours. I have spent some time during the girls’ naps reading through your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and following your blog will truly be a light to me. As much as I love being home with my girls and know that it is what God has called me to do right now, I do miss parts of teaching. Your writings bring me back into a middle school classroom and help me remember fondly my 16 years of teaching m.s. It’s strange. At one point, I pictured myself teaching until I was old and gray. {Well, both are true, but older and grayer!}. A classroom teacher for life. I couldn’t imagine my life without teaching middle schoolers. Yet, here I am — living a dream I had long ago given up on. Hopefully, a life that adds a light of it’s own sort to the world {at least most days!}. Blessings to you as you continue to teach, but truly do so much more in the lives of your students. I’ve missed talking to you all these years, but now I look forward to “hearing” you and being inspired by you.

  3. “Loathe it? Tell your enemies.” That made me laugh out loud! Generally the world could use a little more light. So glad your blog got freshly pressed!

  4. Thanks for the great posts! I love to see other Christian teachers’ thoughts.

    I was wondering – do you accept guest posts? Or would you be interested in writing one?

  5. Thanks for following this blog and inquiring about guest blogging. I don’t allow nor invest in guest blogging with my blogging endeavors. Thanks for inquiring.

  6. I believe I am a part of that “tide of hormonal adolescents” you mentioned teaching. Thanks for an awesome blog to read, laugh, and cry over. And thanks for being one of, if not THE, best teachers I’ve ever hd, Chief. (And no, I’m not saying this just to get an A+ on my book report next week. How dare you think that! The nerve of some people.)

  7. Thanks, Samuel. You’re the greatest. I appreciate your taking the time to read through all my stuff here.

  8. David Harban said:

    As I struggle to get those last precious moments of sleep before needing to get back up to start my day, I am reminded of the awesome grades that my daughter Sierra brought home for the 1st quarter.
    With this being her first quarter with many new firsts involved, we honestly expected some noticeable adjustments to middle school life with new friends to make as well as new curriculum and staff to get used to. Welllllll, apparently she is doing just fine with 2 A’s and 6 A-‘s for a GPA of 3.743.
    In addition to her self motivated personality, she has obviously been blessed with staff and new friends to help her start off strongly.
    Thank you to the CVC Middle School for all of your hard work in assuring a strong Christian education to the students and to all for assuring youth like Sierra are able to make the adjustment to a new learning environment. We are blessed.
    David Harban

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